Pulled from a dead CNC machine

Pulled from a dead CNC machine

I mentioned we had a cleaning day here at Bloominglabs hackerspace. When I walked iin the door, 2 members called for me about a huge wooden contraption. Except.. it had 2.5A 12v stepper motors all through each axis, for a total of 6 motors. Well, nifty.

So they ask me if I want to disassemble it, and keep the motors… ?!? Awesome! A set of these quality of motors cost a pretty penny. To give a comparison, my 5 0.43N/m nema 17’s cost $80. And those went to my 3D printer (pics coming).

So, all I would need are stepper controllers ~ Pololus would work nicely here. Or, I could go make a nice CNC with these. There’s plan’s on the blog nullclan.wordpress.com that would work nicely here.

So, time will tell what these nifty, FREE motors will be put to use doing. Maybe… even another 3d printer!


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