On my way to recycling…

Whenever the wine, beer, and alcohol bottles stack up too high, it’s time we plod off to do the dirty deed: doing the recycling duty. Our city has a good service for this, although we have to sort it. BTW, my goal, at least with the plastics, is to grind them up and print with them. That’s REAL recycling. But while on my way there……


But I went to this place here in Bloomington called <a href=http://www.stansiferradio.com/>Stansifers</a>. No, their website is nothing to behold, even from the late ’90s. However when you go inside, it’s a blast from the past! They have electron tubes all along one side of the wall. They actually…. NO REALLY have electronic parts like resistors, motors, sensors, ICs, board etching equipment… You name it, and they have it or can get it! They also will do all the ordering from Digikey and Mouser for you.. and it’s usually cheaper than if you ordered it yourself from those same websites.


Well, so I make my rounds in this place. And that entails finding the clearance stickers everywhere. In one aisle, they had Mil-spec wire wound resistors. Another had a 80386 radiation hardened CPU…?!? And they had spools of solder for $23.. Big spools.

LCDs and stuff

So, what did I buy? I found this spiffy set of LCD character and dot displays. The whole package was $21 after tax. There’s no blues, but I don’t like the blues. But there are reds, yellows, oranges, and greens. Nice friendly “DONT KEEP YOU AWAKE” colors.


What will I do with them? Stay tuned here. I have a few ideas


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