Pidgin with MS Lync makes me cry


My current assignment here at work (which shall remain nameless) has asked me to provide public documentation on how to set up Linux with Pidgin and have MS Lync work with all staff and faculty users. We’re focusing on supporting Ubuntu 13.04 (yippie…) starting from a barebones system.  Yes, I am guiding END USERS how to compile software for their environment, using a Github source code plugin. FML.

I first install Ubuntu in the VM. My god.. This is the first time I’ve touched a 13.x Ubuntu install. This is utter crap. Might as well put the square blocks and emulate the MS experience here too. Oh well.

Read: sudo apt-get install pidgin build-essential autotools-dev pkg-config libglib2.0-dev libgtk2.0-dev libpurple-dev libtool comerr-dev


(taps foot) BORED NOW.
Finally done installing… and now I ./configureand FAIL. The config log demands nss. But what it really wants is libnss3-dev. Grr. Once more, with feeling. The feeling is the pain in my ass.
Oh, now it throws on libxml2-dev.  I’m about ready to tell the knowledge base maintainer ‘Use google chat. Everybody already has it.’…. Gotta do it right though.And I finally make it through the configure tests.. Hmm. No kerberos support. No telepathy support. Hope I don’t need those. So, now it’s time for a big fat juicy MAKE.            (hopes for no errors, hopes for no errors, hopes for no errors)And Make completes in a whole 3 minutes, whereas the build_environment_time was in the 2 hour range. Of course, I did install the OS as well in that block. On my same old failing fan jet engine laptop. And what the hell? The plugin isn’t in Pidgin?!? I probably needed libtelepathy, or something else I missed. Back to the configure board again. I’ll go ahead and nab kerberos as well, just for shits and giggles. It’s only the users’ hard drive I’ll be filling!
And then it complains that I need other libraries, and it’s time for me to go. I’ll have to work on this Tuesday, if I can manage to get a decent environment that I can even compile successfully. Meh. So much for that. Windows inter-operation.


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