Finally dumping Ubuntu; for Debian

For years, I had used Ubuntu. Things just worked. People supported it as a ‘default’ Linux OS with regards to PPAs and easy howtos splattered everywhere on the internet.

And then Ubuntu went to that monstrosity, Unity. The rest of the system is pretty spiffy, but Unity is the turd in the punchbowl. Thank goodness I could go back to Gnome 2 and all would be well. For the most part, at least.

But I also have a Windows partition on this machine, which predates my second laptop. It’s a crap WinXP install that cannot connect to secure wireless networks, or to much anything whatever. And I do “Real Work” in Linux anyways, so it’s just sitting there eating valuable HD space.

SO, I downloaded the Debian image.. And all was well. I burnt it to a DVD, and realized that I had gotten the kFreeBSD version!! ARGH!

I’m now downloading amd64 testing as I type this. 22% done @ 1.~ MB/s . Gotta love university networks. Usability updates will commence once I get it installed. Although loading it in a VM shows prettiness. And now it’s installing nicely..



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One response to “Finally dumping Ubuntu; for Debian”

  1. lloyd says :


    I saw your post on Hackaday

    I had a few ideas, but velcro (or similar) seems simple enough. I’d also be looking at a heck of a lot more sensors too.

    Sensors themselves, you want made out of Silver chloride. You can make these by simply submerging the silver anode/cathodes into chlorine bleach. Leave for a day. Or you can electroplate, being quicker. Note, you want anode / ground / cathode all in AgCl. It has the lowest interface resistance and capacitance.

    Next, the ADC. For example: . But obviously SMT is way to go, rather than nicely made prefab board. Buy however many you need for all your sensors. Uses I2C. You can put up to 4 of these boards on 1 I2C (for total of 16 inputs).

    Third. A micro. I’d recommend an Atmel. They work, and nice dev environment with Arduino bootloader firmware. I think the whole line all has I2C.

    Fourth: low power BT chip. I like the look of this: . Anyone else has any ideas?

    Fifth: batteries. I like the 18650′s you get off Aliexpress. 3.7v, lots of mAh, and rechargeable. And cheap.And since they’re lithium ion, they are also light.

    But that’s just my rough draft. Id be happy to work with anyone regarding this.

    I will be using the Thalmic myo for forearm EMG but other than this it is useless, are you serious about developing placed EMG sensors?

    I see that you are an accomplished electrical engineer/tinkerer from your website. I have looked into EMG sensors already and the readings are laden with noise, I have a proposition if you can develop a placeable sensor array that can auto level input and cancel noise due to factors such as sweat. Please contact me at

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