Well, Hmm. “Project Tango crashed”

I’ve had to reboot maybe 8 or so times after gtting the device prepped according to Google. The hardware is interesting and very cool. Is it ready for prime time? I don’t know yet. This screen is my most familiar:


And then it crashes. Yuck. But…. After rebooting, and SUCCESS.

IMG_20141211_161832 IMG_20141211_161836 IMG_20141211_161744 IMG_20141211_161751 IMG_20141211_161757 IMG_20141211_161800

This is the program Project Tango Explorer. It has 3 modes: Area Learning, Pointcloud, and full diagnostics. The area leaning is what seems to crash consistently on me.  I tried to map areas and it usually fails on about 2-5 minutes with Tango crashed. I moved on to pointclouds.. and that’s what you see up there. The thing has an infrared laser on it.. And weird! I’ll be submitting a video shortly through Youtube. It looks like it’s a Time of Flight laser, given the interferometry pulses.


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