Got Kankun wireless plug

Today, I received a Kankun wifi Power adapter. I purchased it a loooong time back, back in early November. I saw this HaD article that prompted me to go find a dealer.

So, today, it FINALLY comes in…

IMG_20141213_145330Came with no packing,except for the hard shell the device resides in. Good thing it wasn’t harmed.

IMG_20141213_145400There’s the device, and all the insides of the box. It has a nice little printout. All English, and good English at that. The QR code lead to some Chinese APK, but the permissions on the file were reasonable. The plug itself is about 20 mm thick, not including the plug. There’s also a button in the upper left as well as 2 status LEDs in the lower right. The whole device is devoid of any screws or fixtures, and appears to be heat-sealed. It looks professional.

IMG_20141213_145636And here it is, with power applied. It starts up a wireless metwork 0K_SP3 as itself as an Access Point. Cool. I connect to it, not letting it hit the internet. I already know the thing has OpenWRT loaded on it, so I’m keeping it segregated until I know its phone-home abilities.


And there it is, functioning by turning my power to my laptop on and off. You can SSH into this device with root/p9z34c  . And from there, there’s plenty hacking to be had.

As for now, I am off to family, to imbibe in wonderful drink and food. And I’m damn hungry! Geekery makes me very hungry!wpid-screenshot_2014-12-13-15-03-08.pngwpid-screenshot_2014-12-13-15-13-04.png

And there is what it looks like when I try to connect from my phone to the plug… via SSH.

So far so good. I’ll be seeing what I can do with this. And I know it will be a lot.


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