Snapfish hatred! Warning – rant

My wife and I were married October 11. Awesome! Yesterday we just go photos of our wedding. +800 pictures… Yeowsa!

So, we figured Snapfish would be a good place to have a photobook made. My wife has seen their quality. They’re awesome. So, on to the website. We upload lots of images. LOTS. Engagement, wedding, yadda yadda.

She’s better at aesthetic design than I, so she did the bulk of the work. We spent 5 hours today doing it.

We get home, and hop on the computer to finish the book. NOPE!

Snapfish decided to not save 3 of the 5 hours of work because: browser failure, server failure, autosave failure. But their chat people were apt to blame us for not saving! And yet, why have an autosave feature if it doesn’t work?

When we went to chat to resolve this, YOUR chat people blamed me and my wife for ‘not saving’. So, why have autosave when it does absolutely nothing????

Oh well. She recreated the work on , and she’s about 1/2 way done within 1 hour of working on it. Talk about Snapfish failure. And were we were, going to recommend others if it worked well for us.


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