Chinese Shipping Fairy came : loads of goods

I’ve, like most people around this time, have been very busy with family requirements. But aside the holiday season..


To start, I bought 2 hot ends for my Prusa I2 Reprap printer. I purchased 2 of them for $20 total. One is a .4mm end and the other is a .2mm end.

IMG_20141226_145812 IMG_20141226_145739They were completely wired up with the heater core and thermistor already. When I get a chance, I will show their print quality. Still not done with holiday requirements…. Yet.

Next up is a 9DoF accelerometer. The price is $6.28, and is a breakout board for the 9150 Invensense. The board is super-small and 8 of the chips could fit on my pinky fingernail. The company also included 2 headers : one straight, and the other 90 degrees.

The only bad thing is the company (Invensense, NOT the Chinese dropshipper) misrepresented how it can give the Euler Angle and other processed data. If you pay a few thousand dollars, you can get the permission to write your own firmware for the 9150 that might be able to do that. But for now, you do the math in the CPU you hook it up to.

IMG_20141226_145659Third, I put in an order for mini Arduino clones as well. I don’t know what to say, other than they work, and well! They’re breadboardable, which makes prototyping easy. No having to bolt down the standard Arduino somewhere.It uses an Atmel MEGA328P AU 1437. The reset switch seems a little loose, but it’s one of those SMT switches. A dab of superglue will fix that. On the underside, you see the USB transceiver chip, the same as my other Arduino clones. It’s another HL-340.

IMG_20141226_145618Lastly, I received my GPS chip. And holy smokes its AWESOME!! It’s also tiny and light weight. It came in a box 30x its size, and _WELL_ packed. It has a wiring harness that plugs into the port on board, as well as through holes for easy soldering.

He’s having some supply issues, so even though I bought it for $10, he has to sell a ‘Lot’ of 70 in order to get more. So bummer on that front.



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2 responses to “Chinese Shipping Fairy came : loads of goods”

  1. Felix says :

    You have got some hong whian goods. Quite OK but not as good as Forever Flightful Components. Forever FlightFul Components make kits for Siberia and Mongolia as well as other parts of the world.

  2. Marcus says :

    I think I saw your post on Reddit but just stumbled across your blog via the Ratings of the Hotends at Aliexpress.

    I am currently trying to build a few very low cost repraps – probably Smartrap mini – for the school I work at. Sharing “only” two 3D Printers with a whole classroom can be stressful 🙂

    Your review of the quality was one of the few stating that the chineese hot-ends are of decent quality. Even in the reviews where I found your blog link some stated that there where tubing/shavings left that could cause jams and one reported that the nozzle had no hole…
    Did you try them yet? Looking forward to your review 🙂

    I am a big fan of Ax because most of my projects would not have happened as well, and with the cheap Arduino and Robot kits I can afford to do workshops with each kid building their own. If I where to buy local I could only build one or two…

    I am probably going to get some products with cold solder joints or other minor (fixable) defects, but so far I am amazed how well the electronics from Ali work.

    I found some electronics (Mega + Ramps + 4/5 Stepper drivers for $20/$22 or Melzi for $34) and I am trying to stay <110€/$130. Probably not realistic, but I have a local producer that sells excellent metal rods at low prices, and the rest of the parts should not be too expensive either.

    I am just not quite sure what hot-end && Extruder I will end up using YET:

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