Archive | March 3, 2015

uWho – Added GUI to it, cleaned up code, adding features

uWho startupThis is now what you are greeted with on startup. Simple and to the point.

If you click on Open Video file, you get a QT file dialog. Select the video you want to process. For example……

uWho processing moviePulls the face in the video stream, and classifies it as the number in the upper right of the rectangle around her face. Press escape or close to close it and go back to the main screen.

Or if you want Webcam data processed, click on the webcam. Make sure to have a webcam plugged in. Else, crash. Yeah, I know.

uWho processing webcamAnd, it just works!

I’ll be adding in file management for figuring out who people are, and moreĀ  bells and whistles.