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More uWho updates – Can now open folders of images, basic logic for opening IPcameras

This is what my program looks like now! The first 3 work well, with the 4th (IPCams) being worked on as I type. I’m going to look for processing 10 at most, to start with. I’m also needing some sort of pretty feedback for the Open Folder, as I currently have feedback via a qDebug() , which is very much against user interactive good practices.

I’ve my work cut out for me!



Finally dumping Ubuntu; for Debian

For years, I had used Ubuntu. Things just worked. People supported it as a ‘default’ Linux OS with regards to PPAs and easy howtos splattered everywhere on the internet.

And then Ubuntu went to that monstrosity, Unity. The rest of the system is pretty spiffy, but Unity is the turd in the punchbowl. Thank goodness I could go back to Gnome 2 and all would be well. For the most part, at least.

But I also have a Windows partition on this machine, which predates my second laptop. It’s a crap WinXP install that cannot connect to secure wireless networks, or to much anything whatever. And I do “Real Work” in Linux anyways, so it’s just sitting there eating valuable HD space.

SO, I downloaded the Debian image.. And all was well. I burnt it to a DVD, and realized that I had gotten the kFreeBSD version!! ARGH!

I’m now downloading amd64 testing as I type this. 22% done @ 1.~ MB/s . Gotta love university networks. Usability updates will commence once I get it installed. Although loading it in a VM shows prettiness. And now it’s installing nicely..